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A Few Thoughts on Cryptocurrency

SegPay VP Jeffrey Rosenzweig makes a guest blogger appearance to discuss the state of cryptocurrencies, and their potential for payments and payouts Lately, it seems the topic of cryptocurrency is gaining traction in our space again. We are hearing more talk about Bitcoin and similar currencies finally gaining serious consideration as a payment alternative. For that reason, I

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The Non-Sexy Side of Running a Successful Online Business

Product and marketing strategies tend to get the most attention while running a business day-to-day – making it easy to lose sight of the little things that help sustain a successful operation. In her latest piece published on, SegPay’s CEO Cathy Beardsley lays out a list of 13 essential (if non-sexy) steps that some

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How Excellent Customer Service can Help Grow Your Subscription Business

SegPay isn’t just a payments processor, we’re a customer support company too, handling consumer billing inquiries on behalf of merchants for more than a decade. This week we wanted to share a few lessons learned over the years; most are common sense but often overlooked. Good customer service is a key to sustaining any successful

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Cathy Quoted in Roundup of Best Billing Practices

Please read’s informative look at best billing practices for merchants, published this week. We appreciate that they asked SegPay to participate and we (of course) highly recommend the article. There’s lots of helpful information in there, including the following quote from our CEO Cathy Beardsley about the importance of being prepared for audits: “At any

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Review, Refund and Cancel Transactions in the Merchant Portal

It’s been about two months since merchants first got a look at SegPay’s new Merchant Portal, your central place to manage everything billing-related from virtually any device, anytime. Occasionally we will use this space to discuss specific features of the portal and address questions we’ve received from merchants. Today’s topic: reviewing, cancelling, refunding transactions, and

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Find Payout Adjustments Faster

We made a few changes to the Merchant Portal this week: Invoice Report Adjustments was added as a new invoice type, so you can filter the report to only show your invoices that include Adjustments, such as when the credit card association fees were applied to your account: Stand-in Stand-in processing is not available for

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Get to Know a SegPay Employee: Jessica

It is that time again: time to get to know one of the people behind SegPay, and put a face and a story to a name you may already know. If you are a merchant who has interacted with our tech support team, it’s very possible you have talked or emailed with Jessica McFarLane before.

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Recapping an Eventful Week in Europe

The SegPay team is back from Europe and we want to thank AVN, Xbiz, and TES for putting on three great events. We were there for all three, and had a blast touching base with our European partners and merchants. As always, Webmaster Access in Amsterdam was very well attended and AVN put on a

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