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Payment Processing Services

Segpay’s payment processing services are available to merchants based in the US, EU, and UK and are built on three pillars:


Secure, high-volume credit card processing globally, PayPal for merchants processing in Europe, and robust fraud detection/prevention capability.


Flexible pricing options, including one-time and recurring payments, frictionless checkout, one-click purchases, and instant conversions; member retention and support for cross-selling and localized currency and languages. 


Our US-based merchant support staff works closely with Segpay’s product development team and sales team. Additionally, our customer call center support service for billing inquiries and other consumer-related issues is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Accept Online Payments for Your Business

Several options are available through Segpay that allow you to accept payments online.

Our online payment solutions utilize the industry’s most secure payment systems. If you want to provide your customers with the convenience to shop online, you can rely on Segpay to securely accept payments during online checkout.

Our online payment methods easily integrate into your current website. With the simple integration, you can securely begin online payment processing. Both you and your customers can have peace of mind that the payments are happening securely in real-time.

Your web developer/designer should have no issue integrating Segpay in just a few clicks. If you prefer, you can even integrate our payment processor yourself! We can provide documentation and a customer support team that can answer your questions should you run into any difficulties.

When you want to accept online payments for your business, you deserve the power, security, and reliability of Segpay. 

Securely Accept and Process Credit Cards and Debit Cards in Real-Time

If you have wondered how to process credit card payments for your business, Segpay is the simple solution. Our card processing allows your customers to make a secure online payment for the products or services you offer. Our checkout is frictionless and completely secure on Segpay servers. Our encryption ensures that their credit card number is safe. The transaction will move swiftly and allow you to receive the funds you deserve. 

Multiple Online Payment Options

With so many payment options available to consumers today, you deserve the best payment processor that allows you to be flexible and fast for your customers.

While Segpay offers many different payment options, some of the most popular options with our merchants include:

Dynamic Pricing

Allows merchants to vary their pricing on a case-by-case basis, charging anything they want within a predetermined range. Works for both recurring and non-subscription purchases. Also supports the use of leading shopping carts integrated with Segpay, so that consumers can select multiple items and have the total price dynamically generated at checkout.

Digital Purchase

Allows merchants to accept one-time payments from consumers who purchase non-subscription items such as movie downloads, or buy tokens to be redeemed at any time.

Instant Conversions

Allows merchants to upgrade immediately during a limited trial period of recurring subscriptions and incentivizes them with discounts or by extending their initial renewal date. Works for both recurring and non-subscription purchases. Also supports the use of leading shopping carts integrated with Segpay, so that consumers can select multiple items and have the total price dynamically generated at checkout.

Free Trial Validation

This ensures recurring credit card payments are more likely to be honored on each recurring billing monthly cycle.


Allows existing members to make additional purchases without re-entering card info.
We can also display localized currency and languages to your customers when they check out. This ensures that customers around the world can easily utilize your website and make secure purchases.


Settlement is the process of managing electronic payment transactions so they can clear from the customer’s account and be funded into your business bank account. Whether this is a debit card or credit card interchange, settlements are the final stage of payment processing. Typically, these funds would immediately move from the holding account to your business bank account. 

As a merchant using Segpay, you will receive a weekly payout after settlement and funding is complete. You will receive your funds via one of the following:




Single Euro Payments Area


Cosmo Payments

After your customer transactions are complete, the funds are securely stored in Segpay Safeguarding accounts. We do not make money off your money. Rather, we are simply allowing the funds to accumulate in a holding account for one week at a time. Each week, you will receive your payments in whatever currency you choose. Since we work with US, EU, and UK banks, we can settle funds in USD, Euros, or GBP.

Please note that you can change the currency you would like to receive your funds in at any time.
It may take up to one payout cycle for the change to be reflected. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact our customer support team.

Segpay holds onto the funds for one week to keep your transaction costs down. By allowing the funds to accumulate in a holding account for a week at a time, the number of transactions are minimized and so are the costs.

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