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Cutting-Edge SaaS Billing Solutions

Software as a service (SaaS) companies need reliable payment processing solutions for recurring billing and subscriptions.

Best B2B Billing Services

Modern software is changing the way people live and work, and SaaS companies have a unique opportunity to do business with other organizations. Segpay caters to the SaaS industry with comprehensive subscription management and billing services. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to process payments, satisfy clients, and manage subscriptions, which is why Segpay goes above and beyond to deliver the most secure and reliable SaaS billing solutions.

SaaS Payment Solutions for Growing Businesses

Ready to save time and resources spent on billing and generating invoices? Segpay’s SaaS subscription billing solutions include fully integrated payments to suit your software website or app. We help you set up a custom SaaS gateway to initiate the payment process and collect all the relevant payment details for safe, straightforward transactions every time. As part of our SaaS subscription management, you can automate billing, cross-sell through subscription management, and keep track of revenue and customer success.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Segpay's SaaS payment processing services US or global?

We offer highly secure SaaS payment processing solutions for US, Europe, and UK businesses. With a global workforce and clients all over the world, we believe it’s important to accommodate as many countries and currencies as possible.

Why is Segpay better than building a SaaS billing solution from scratch?

We have everything you need for SaaS billing, so you can make the most of your current resources while dedicating more time and energy to your core focus areas. Don’t worry, we are always working on changing and adapting our software to best suit your SaaS requirements. As a Payment Facilitator, we can also help you with the funding of you clients.

Can Segpay meet client pricing models?

Our pricing plans can be scaled to meet your needs and your budget. Let’s chat about fees and how you can get the most value for your SaaS subscription management services.