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Cutting-Edge SaaS Billing Solutions

One in ten merchants is now looking for integrated payment solutions, including software as a service (SaaS) partnerships. The global SaaS market is worth $130.69 billion USD as of 2021 and projected to grow 35% by 2027. With growing demand around the globe, SaaS companies need reliable payment processing solutions for recurring billing and subscriptions.

Must-Have SaaS Payment Processing Services

Recurring service companies depend on innovative subscription management and payment processing technology to fulfill B2B transactions and retain customers. The top priorities for SaaS subscription billing solutions include:

  • One-click subscription management
  • Rebilling management
  • Upgrade/downgrade features
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Fraud detection and prevention
  • PCI compliance
  • Multiple payment methods
  • Currency conversion
  • Tax inclusion
  • Scalable pricing model

SaaS Payment Solutions for Growing Businesses

Ready to save time and resources spent on billing and generating invoices? Segpay’s SaaS subscription billing solutions include fully integrated payments to suit your software website or app. We help you set up a custom SaaS gateway to initiate the payment process and collect all the relevant payment details for safe, straightforward transactions every time.

As part of our SaaS subscription management, you can automate billing, cross-sell through subscription management, and keep track of revenue and customer success.

Global SaaS Payment Processing Services

Segpay offers highly secure SaaS payment processing solutions for US, Europe, and UK businesses. As a Payment Facilitator, we can also help with the funding of your clients. We believe it’s important to accommodate as many countries and currencies as possible with a global workforce and clients all over the world.

We have everything you need for SaaS billing, so you can make the most of your current resources while dedicating more time and energy to your core focus areas. Don’t worry, we are always working on changing and adapting our software to best suit your SaaS requirements.

Comprehensive SaaS Subscription Management

With Segpay, you can easily send invoices and receipts to recurring customers and offer discounts and free trials to attract new clients. We provide dunning management by supporting refill retries and sending notifications to consumers following a declined payment, allowing them to update their card data. We also provide a back office to help with daily reconciliations and API reporting so SAS providers can pull data into a CRM accounting system.

We can scale our pricing plans to meet your needs and your budget. Let’s chat about fees and how you can get the most value for your SaaS subscription management services.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is PCI compliance in SaaS subscription management?

PCI compliance refers to highly secure systems that protect sensitive payment information and maintain an excellent reputation with customers and business partners.

To ensure customer data is fully protected, check that your credit card processing company is fully PCI compliant by asking about encryption methods.

Tokenization removes card data for optimal protection, while more secure gateways keep risk and processing fees to a minimum.

How can you protect against SaaS fraud?

To protect against fraudulent activity, software providers need high-tech SaaS subscription billing solutions with detailed security measures, such as Segpay’s EMV 3-D Secure (3DS) risk mitigation. Choose a SaaS subscription management company that uses machine learning for CVV2 verification and negative database checks to examine credit cards and accounts with a history of fraud. Modern security tech can identify high-risk transactions and threats before they go through, ensuring the highest level of security for SaaS payment processing services.

What is dunning management?

Dunning management is an in-demand SaaS subscription management service that retries cards following payment failure and sends reminders to accounts needing updates. This service is important for minimizing subscription churn, or the number of subscribers who stop paying over time. It’s best to have automated payment recovery that notifies customers through email, text, or app notifications before initiating the payment recovery process.

What are the different types of SaaS company merchant accounts?

Segpay works with many cloud-based merchants and mixed business platforms to ensure the safest online processing experience. Many of our SaaS clients specialize in customer service, team communication, and manufacturing software. From startups to large-scale organizations, we help them all.

Best B2B Billing Services

Modern software is changing the way people live and work, and SaaS companies have a unique opportunity to do business with other organizations. Segpay caters to the SaaS industry with comprehensive subscription management and billing services. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to process payments, satisfy clients, and manage subscriptions, which is why Segpay goes above and beyond to deliver the most secure and reliable SaaS billing solutions.

Unlock your full SaaS potential with Segpay’s innovative payment processing – get started today.

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