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Proficient Payment Processing for European Merchants​

Segpay proudly serves European merchants with dedicated payment processing services and solutions. We cover 15 languages, multiple currencies, and all EU regulations for the best compliance to help your business grow and flourish throughout Europe.

European Expansion at Your Fingertips

What are the absolute must-haves for doing business in the EU? To start, you need to cover all European Acquirers, localized currencies, and languages, as well as a system that is fully compliant with the European Payments Directive. Your customers deserve a quick and secure way to pay, the same way you deserve a worry-free way to locally and globally accept payments and grow your business. Open the door to expand across Europe with the best online payment processing and subscription billing solutions.

Security and Compliance

Data privacy is our top priority. We closely follow all the latest developments in data privacy laws and are fully compliant with the EU General Data Protection Program. While you’re busy running your business, we will take care of all security and compliance so you can stay updated and remain confident that your business is protected. Our highly secure data centers and round-the-clock monitoring through innovative and reliable cybersecurity solutions ensure your data is always protected and your business is fully compliant.

Currencies and Payment Methods

Increase satisfaction and brand loyalty by supporting your customers’ preferred payment method, whether it be a local currency, debit, or credit card. Payment preferences vary by country, demographics, and the total amount spent, and you can be there for your customers however they want to pay. Segpay offers integration with several EU Acquirers and can process in 15 currencies. You can accept payments through credit cards, direct debit, digital wallets, and even offline payments with our highly secure and efficient processing solutions. Segpay is fully compliant with the EU Payment Services Directive requirement of Secure Customer Authentication.

Europe Leadership Team

Ailish Penston, CEO Segpay Ireland

Ailish Penston

CEO, Ireland

Ailish helps Segpay to grow its presence and reach in Europe. 

As CEO of Segpay Ireland, she leads the Segpay EU team headquartered in Dublin, Ireland.

Outside of the office, Ailish enjoys spending time with her family, volunteering with her teenage daughter at their local animal rescue centre and watching Formula One.

Tony Langsford - Head of Compliance Segpay Ireland

Tony Langsford

Head of Compliance

Tony helps Segpay and its European merchants maintain compliance with regulatory and card brand requirements.

As Head of Compliance, Tony ensures that Segpay’s compliance function is well managed and well maintained. 

Outside of the office, Tony enjoys spending time with his wife Laura and two dogs Chica and Xena, especially down on the beach. He also loves to travel whenever possible..

Billie Stevens - Compliance Segpay Ireland

Billie Stevens


Billie helps Segpay and its European clients maintain compliance with regulatory and card brand requirements.

Billie ensures that Segpay’s compliance and risk frameworks are well-managed and offer the highest standards of protection for the organisation by maintaining a strong compliance culture with effective smart business controls, compliance monitoring and compliance training.

Outside of the office, Billie enjoys chess, running, playing squash/racquetball and spending time with his family.

Terry Nichols - Enterprise Account Executive Segpay Ireland

Terry Nichols

Enterprise Account Executive

Terry helps new and existing Segpay merchants access the best payments solutions to meet their business needs. 

As Enterprise Account Executive, Terry is responsible for developing new and existing merchants. He oversees the onboarding process and end-to-end journey, drawing on extensive experience within the payments industry.

Outside of the office, Terry enjoys football, spending time with his family and cooking.

Claudine Clare - Financial Controller Segpay Ireland

Claudine Clare

Financial Controller

Claudine helps Segpay’s merchants receive their payments quickly and efficiently. 

As Accounting Lead, Claudine manages Segpay Europe’s financial operations, from merchant transactions to regulatory reporting. 

Outside of the office, Claudine enjoys taking her daughter to Irish dancing competitions and walking her dogs in the countryside.

Paul Haugh - Head of Underwriting Segpay Ireland

Paul Haugh

Head of Underwriting

Paul helps Segpay onboard new merchants in line with regulatory requirements and the corporate risk appetite.

As Head of Underwriting, Paul oversees the global underwriting team.  For Paul, mentoring and developing the team to onboard new merchants whilst protecting the business is the most rewarding part of the job.  

Outside of the office, Paul enjoys swimming, reading and gardening.

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