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Merchant Services for Businesses of All Sizes

With Segpay, entrepreneurs and businesses of all sizes can have peace of mind. Our online payment solutions are designed for everyone, from the dreamer to the enterprise corporation.

What Are Merchant Services?

Merchant services cover a broad category of business financial services. Specifically, it covers Merchant Service Providers (MSPs). Merchant Service Providers are companies that allow businesses to accept any form of credit or debit payment.

Merchant Account

Merchant accounts are holding accounts that record and collect payment transactions. When your business processes a credit or debit card payment, this is where funds are held until the payment is verified. Upon successful verification, funds are moved from the merchant account to your business bank account.

Payment Gateway

A payment gateway is a technology platform that facilitates the processing of credit and debit card transactions for online and brick-and-mortar businesses.

Benefits of Segpay's Online Merchant Services

Accept Payments Online, Anywhere

  • Visa, Mastercard, Discover, JCB
  • PayPal
  • One-click signup, dynamic pricing, instant conversions
  • Local language and multi-currency support
  • Retention offers help reduce churn
  • Loyalty discounts reward great customers
  • Affiliate program grows your subscriber base through referrals
  • Cross-selling entices consumers at point-of-sale with other products they’re likely to buy

Minimize Fraud

  • Mitigate risk with various real-time and post-transaction controls, including:
    • 3-D Secure customer authentication
    • PSD2 Compliant
    • CVV2 verification and AVS checks
  • Negative database checks against credit cards and other attributes with a history of fraud
  • Transaction velocity limits
  • Duplicate subscription restriction
  • Geo-location restrictions
  • Device fingerprinting
  • Issuer-reported fraud analysis
  • Manual review of suspicious transactions identified after approval
  • Regular review of affiliate activity to detect potential abuse

Expert Support Staff

  • Free up time to focus on your business
  • Rest easy knowing a knowledgeable team is keeping your consumers happy
  • Tech support is available 24/7 for merchant services credit card processing

Integrate Shopping Cart Apps

Earn More Money

  • Try our existing plugins, or let us know which other platforms you’re using:
    • WordPress/WooCommerce
    • Magic Members

Manage Tasks Virtually

  • Easily set up and manage your payment system, view reports to track performance and trends and handle refunds and other support tasks in one centralized portal

Timing of Onboarding Is Important

Onboarding requires gathering a full Know Your Customer (KYC) file, client website review, and then bank submission for approval. Segpay can work as fast as our clients want to work! If you can get everything to us in a day, we can turn around and push the bank for speedy approval within a few days.

A Global Payment Facilitator

Segpay is a global payment facilitator specializing in online credit card processing for e-commerce merchants and subscription-based content providers that want to operate globally, expand their payment options, and/or automate various billing-related tasks. 

What Is Payment Facilitation?

Payment Facilitation is often shortened to PayFac. A PayFac, like Segpay, is considered a master merchant. As a PayFac, Segpay handles the sub-merchant onboarding and provides a fully managed payment processing solution. This solution includes hosted payment pages; one-time, subscription, and one-click billing solutions; risk management; affiliate tools, and end-user customer support. Our payment-specific solutions allow businesses of all sizes to complete transactions with confidence. 

Customizable Payment Page

Customizable Payment Pages

Recurring Billing

Recurring Billing

One Click Checkout

One Click Check Out

Retention Tools

Retention Tools

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing Management

Risk Management

Risk Management

PCI Compliant

PCI Compliant

Customer Support

Customer/Consumer Support

PayFac Compliance

At Segpay, we are proud to maintain our PCI compliance. We are registered as Visa and MasterCard Payment Facilitators in the EU, UK, and US.

We require all our clients to meet KYC, AML, and OFAC compliance requirements. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us

Merchant Onboarding Process

With Segpay, we have only a few simple merchant onboarding steps:

  1. Complete Segpay Contract
  2. Provide merchant Know Your Customer Package
  3. Website review to be sure payment disclosures, terms and conditions, privacy policy and age verification, and customer service links are included
  4. Upon approval, participate in a kickoff call with our Integration Team
  5. Work with our Integration Team to set up your account and test end-to-end before going live

Merchant Services

Segpay has relationships with nine acquiring banks that span the US, EU, and UK and can underwrite direct merchant accounts for those merchants that prefer to manage their business on existing gateway technology or pair it with the Segpay gateway.

Global Payment Gateway Solution

Our gateway solution allows merchants to host their own payment page and have greater control of their checkout process. The Segpay gateway platform integrates with most leading shopping cart platforms, offering diversification by allowing a merchant to operate and maintain a single integration and have multiple merchant accounts.

The Segpay gateway is currently integrated with over 20 “key” International banks and processors, as well as every domestic bank. In the event a new integration is needed, Segpay has a dedicated team to handle and expedite these requests.

When you need a payment gateway provider, you deserve Segpay.

What Is a Payment Gateway?

A Payment gateway is the connection from the Merchant website and the Card associations. It offers the merchant the ability to accept payment transactions online, utilizing their merchant account and controlling the complete customer experience. Each transaction requires a small fee. For example, Segpay authorization payments incur a $0.10 (USD) fee and declines–or refunds–incur a $0.05 (USD) fee.

Payment Gateway vs Payment Processor

While many use the terms “payment gateway” and “payment processor” interchangeably, there are differences.

Payment gateways capture and send credit card data to the payment processor. Payment processors work behind the scenes – securely routing data among all the different parties all the way through to the settlement of funds in your bank account.

Are Payment Gateway Services & Gateway Billing Secure?

All Segpay’s payment gateway services and gateway billing are secure. We use a 256-bit encryption to protect both your data and your customers.

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