All The Way to Paid 

From easy on-boarding to prompt payouts, that’s the way we roll.


Processing, Personalized 

Leave the nitty gritty details of processing payments and fraud detection to us.


Transparently Trustworthy 

Clearly, the way we do business.


shapeCustomized Billing Solutions

Let our reputation open doors for you

  • Start accepting payments quickly
  • Easy integration, dependable tech support
  • Watch your chargebacks and risk level drop
  • Start on the road toward your own merchant account

Build your reputation by taking advantage of ours. Since 2005, Segpay has helped high-risk businesses take payments quickly while implementing a compliance framework, with the controls necessary to secure a merchant account of their own. Merchants gain the trust of the banks and card brands through Segpay's proven processes, reliable payments and robust fraud protection that provide the foundation of our hard-earned industry reputation.

Subscription billers

Keep the recurring revenue rolling
  • Loyalty discounts and retention offers keep churn low
  • Card Updater ensures payment info on file is current, maximizing recurring authorizations
  • Scheduled Rebill reporting helps you forecast future revenue
  • Trial periods with instant conversion boost membership rates

Make sure you’re getting the most from your membership site with the ability to set up virtually any type of subscription offer.

shapeBuild Your Reputation on Top of Ours

Reputation with Banks

Through rigorous compliance standards.

Reputation with Card Brands

Through long-standing relationships.

Reputation with Merchants

Through reliable payments and robust fraud protection.