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Build your reputation by taking advantage of ours. Since 2005, Segpay has helped businesses take payments quickly while implementing a compliance framework, with the controls necessary to secure a merchant account of their own.

The Latest from Segpay

Building Long-Term Customer Relationships

August 9, 2022

It is important to partner with a processor that is specialized in handling subscription payments helping to turn high risk into high volume.

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Beware of Card Brand Violations

July 27, 2022

Card brand regulations are always changing and with revised standards its important to keep yourself out of the spotlight and always remain compliant.

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The Caution Over Crypto

July 26, 2022

Payment processors are often pressed why they don't accept cryptocurrency. Our compliance team identifies the top roadblocks slowing acceptance.

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Guide to High-Risk MCC Codes

July 26, 2022

Some businesses are assigned at least one MCC code while others aren't. What makes you considered high-risk and what are the consequences.

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The Dos and Don’ts of CBD Payment Processing: What You Need to Know When Choosing a CBD Payment Processor

May 27, 2022

There are a lot of regulations when it comes to processing CBD payments. We break down what you need to run your business and how to get paid.

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Processing Fees: How Low Can We Go?

May 26, 2022

Processing rates can vary depending on where you are, who you are processing with and other factors. Segpay offers tips to help discuss rates with your provider.

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The Right Billing Solution for You No Matter Your Business.

We’ll help you find the right processing solutions that work best for your online business. From selecting the right bank, gateway or merchant account. All of it is backed by the state of art fraud mitigation. We’ll help you figure out which way to go.

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Segpay’s structure and backend is solid and proven, and that’s a big factor when deciding on your payment provider.

For every new site and program we’re developing, we know that Segpay will come up with adjustable payment structures that will fit, even crafting tailor-made ones if needed. Also, their attentiveness to provide any dev support we need, 24/7, and that’s a quality that saves money and contributes to an undisturbed user flow.

- Shay, ImLive Executive, Partner for 7 Years

I spoke with every major billing company. Only one took the time to truly understand our needs. That company was Segpay.

Everyone else approached us as a potential client. With Segpay, it’s always felt as if we had a partner. Together we are powering and providing payment processing for the websites of some of the most successful performers and producers in adult entertainment. I know we are in good hands.

- AJ Hall, Co-Founder & CEO of Elevated X Inc

FeetFinder would not be where we are today without Segpay. I tell anyone starting in the adult world to use Segpay.

Their fees/pricing are by far the best compared to other companies, and as you grow they are flexible with reducing rates. This helps my business continue to grow and scale. The security of their pay flow, matched with low fees, allow us to dominate our competition.

- Patrick Nielsen, FeetFinder

“Honest" and “Sincere" are probably the words that best describe Segpay’s dedication to our continued success.

Cathy and her team make us feel like we are their number-one priority; they work hard to accommodate our needs and regularly make the extra effort to ensure that our constantly evolving requirements continue to be met.

- Craig Miller, Director of Processing, VS Media, Inc.