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About Segpay

Segpay is a Payments Platform specializing in online credit card processing for e-commerce merchants and subscription-based content providers who intend to operate globally. As a trusted partner, Segpay guides its merchants All the Way to Paid ™ while also getting its merchants paid first.

As a leader in merchant services, Segpay offers the best solutions-based processing, including payment facilitation, direct merchant accounts, and secure gateway services. Companies with no access to merchant bank accounts are able to rely on Segpay’s reputation and relationships with acquiring banks and card networks to provide secure, turnkey solutions to accept online payments. All of Segpay’s services are backed by unmatched customer service and support.

Segpay maintains its US headquarters in South Florida, EU headquarters in Ireland, and UK headquarters in Hertfordshire, England. Segpay can help you drive your revenue, reduce churn, and rev up retention.

Cybersecurity Solutions for Online Payment Processing

Segpay is a PCI service provider level 1 with up-to-date technical resources to ensure the strongest security measures for our clients around the world. Segpay meets all global codes and conditions and is registered with Visa as an internet payment service provider and MasterCard as a payment facilitator.


Segpay is headquartered in Deerfield Beach, FL. Segpay’s infrastructure is in Allentown, PA, Brookwood, OR, and Miami, FL. The most business-critical sites are the cardholder data production environments, which are facilitated through a third-party provider. All providers that Segpay partners with require a regulatory check that ensures an in-scope PCI-compliant environment, both primary and disaster recovery; these environments are separate from Segpay’s headquarters in Deerfield Beach which does not store any cardholder data. 


Segpay’s DNS is hosted at Cloudflare, where we take full advantage of their proven DDoS mitigation system that includes tools like Flood Shield and Flex Automated DDoS protection that diverts malicious traffic away from our systems. Our domains are registered through a separate vendor, Enom. Segpay uses Cloudflare’s web application firewall (WAF) technology, to protect our systems from external adversaries. In addition, we have a redundant system called CDNetworks that mirrors Cloudflare, which ensures we have optimal uptime. 

Internal Access Controls

Data security is a critical component of Segpay’s security stance and is strictly enforced to ensure we exceed PCI requirements. Authentication and Authorization are managed through several security levels such as VPNs, dual-factor authentication, strong password requirements, and user-based permissions. All systems are protected by SentinelOne and ManageEngine Desktop Central, unified endpoint management (UEM) tool. These tools enable the Segpay IT team with abilities to remotely disable systems, software patch management, and monitor the overall stability of our infrastructure.

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