Security and Fraud Protection at Segpay
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High-Level Fraud Prevention & Risk Management

Risk mitigation is an absolute must in today’s world of extensive online activity, data collection, and cybersecurity threats. Segpay prioritizes merchant fraud protection because every client deserves peace of mind knowing their information and systems are protected at the highest level. We use a wide variety of fraud protection tools to deliver the best possible security solutions for our clients. 

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Comprehensive Risk Mitigation With 3D Secure

Segpay uses a detailed system of technology tools to keep risk at a minimum. This includes EMV 3-D Secure (3DS), the latest standard in security for online card transactions. It’s all part of our risk mitigation through reliable real-time and post-transaction controls.

Security Checks

Segpay uses machine learning for fraud protection with a mix of proprietary AI, negative databases, and third-party solutions. This includes CVV2 verification and AVS checks, as well as negative database checks against credit cards and other info with a history of fraud. Our technology spots the threats and high-risk transactions before they go through, making it easier to manage safe payment processing.


Transaction velocity limits and duplicate subscription restrictions give us more control over transactions, so we can keep the threats out and the trusted customers in. We offer customized geo-location restrictions based on customer activity, as well as a manual review of suspicious transactions identified after approval. Our systems work around the clock to make sure your business and your customers are safe from security risks.

Minimize Chargebacks

Chargebacks can be costly to a business, and the more you can do to prevent them, the better. You can avoid having to pay back customers by stopping unauthorized transactions in their tracks with Segpay’s chargeback management solutions. With Segpay, you can expect routine updates on current fraud prevention measures and activity, plus security enhancements customized for your business.

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