Streaming and Digital Content Payment Processing
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Streaming and Digital Content Payment Solutions

Modern streaming services rely on recurring billing, and Segpay delivers the comprehensive online payment processing solutions you want and need. Never miss a beat with our 3D secure authentication, customer tracking, and recurring billing management.

Digital Media Merchant Account

Make the most of our digital media merchant accounts and modern solutions customized to maximize your online sales.

So, what is a digital good covered by Segpay? Our digital goods payment processing includes streaming subscriptions, software, educational seminars, virtual private networks (VPN), gaming merchants, digital content downloads and much more. If you’re selling digital content online, we can provide the online payment processing support solutions you need to keep moving forward.

Recurring Billing for Digital Content Merchants

One of the biggest opportunities in subscription-based selling is recurring billing. Once customers sign up for their membership, you can keep their subscription going and provide a quality experience that leads to subscription renewal. While you focus on delivering impressive content, we will take care of all the payment processing and background billing. After all, the simpler your recurring billing setup can be, the more likely subscribers are to keep coming back for more. We are on a mission to make your streaming sales as smooth and successful as possible.

Protecting the Digital Goods Payment Gateway

Cybersecurity and fraud threats run rampant in today’s digital age, but Segpay minimizes the risks with multi-factor authentication and round-the-clock monitoring. We process payments from PayPal and all major credit/debit cards, so your audience can choose their desired payment method with safety and security as the top priorities.

When customers sign up and go to make a payment, you want their experience to be simple, and our excellent track record for successful transactions around the globe speaks for itself. You can expect the highest level of security throughout the entire billing and payment process, protecting your reputation and your business bottom line.

Digital Goods Payment Services Around the Globe

Segpay’s streaming services merchant accounts have a competitive edge when it comes to payment security and fraud protection. We are committed to the highest security standards so your streaming service and digital downloads are well-protected against threats on a global scale. If you want to scale up your streaming offerings and deliver more digital content to your audience, you need an online payment processing partner that can do it all.

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