Segcard - A new way to get paid from Segpay
Segpay Carat

Secure Payment with Segcard

Segcard is a secure, versatile, and globally accepted Visa card. We use the latest encryption technology to protect personal and financial information, and it’s also convenient to use. You can use Segcard online, in stores, and at ATMs.

Key Features of Segcard

Secured Transactions

Segcard uses secure technology to protect your personal and financial information

Globally Accepted Visa Card

Segcard is accepted by most merchants and ATMs worldwide

Worldwide ATMs

You can use Segcard to withdraw cash from ATMs anywhere

A Game-Changer for Merchants

If you’re a US-based merchant, Segcard offers unmatched advantages:

  • Bank transfer capabilities mean you can break free from traditional banking. No bank account? No problem.
  • You can avoid the high-interest rates often associated with credit cards.
  • A unique offering: Managing content creator payouts for merchants linked with Segpay.

Ready for the future of payments?

Access and Manage Your Money, Effortlessly

The beauty of Segcard lies not just in its global reach but also in its versatility. It’s the epitome of flexible payment options. Whether shopping from the comfort of your home, looking for cross-border transactions, or navigating a foreign land, Segcard has you covered.

Seamless Transactions with Segcard

Your financial dealings, simplified:

  • Make purchases both in-store and online
  • International money withdrawal
  • Ability to withdraw funds from an ATM
  • Oversee every currency exchange transaction with our intuitive online banking portal

Unleash unparalleled financial flexibility.

Segcard: The How-To Guide

Wondering about the inner workings of the Segcard? Allow us to guide you through:

Navigating the Segcard

  • Loading funds onto your Segcard is as simple as a card balance check.
  • All are welcome to apply for a Visa card with us.
  • While rooted in the US, the card’s presence extends globally. Stay informed about transactions beyond American shores.
  • Basic Segcard transactions like sending or receiving money are free, and we minimize or eliminate fees wherever possible.
  • Complete transaction overviews and checking your balance are just a click away, ensuring you’re always in the know.


We know you might have questions about Segcard. This section answers some of the most common questions.

Answers to most commonly asked Segcard Questions

Approved content creators who register with us undergo a swift and streamlined process. Once approved, the Segcard is promptly dispatched to their registered address. We pride ourselves on efficiency, ensuring our creators get easy access to global payments.

Absolutely! Segcard holders have the flexibility to load their account, ensuring their financial needs are always addressed on the go. Funds must be loaded from their wallet, not from an outside source.

The Segcard is primarily set in USD. However, transactions in other currencies like EUR are effortlessly facilitated, although they might attract a foreign currency transaction fee. This ensures that geographical boundaries never restrict cardholders.

The funding frequency of the Segcard is typically weekly and follows our merchant payouts.

Balance transparency is paramount. Content creators can view their balance and all transactional details anytime through our intuitive online portal.

The card remains active even if there’s no activity for a few weeks. However, it’s advisable to periodically check for any updates or notifications to ensure smooth functioning. Additionally, maintaining a minimum monthly load of $100 will avoid a fee.

Transferring money from your wallet to Segcard is designed to be straightforward. While nominal fees are attached to certain transactions, we always maintain a transparent fee structure. It’s recommended to check the fee details on our website for precise information.

Navigating the nuances of Segcard? We’re always here to help. Dive deeper, explore more, and never hesitate to reach out.

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