Segpay’s Customizable Payment Solutions, Segpay Segments is Here

The Segpay team is pleased to announce the launch of Segpay Segments.  This fully customizable payment solution is designed to help merchants streamline their checkout process. Segpay Segments provides the freedom for merchants to choose their own compliant checkout page while still processing through Segpay.  This payment solution is ideal for fan sites and content creators, many of which are finding it increasingly difficult to secure payment processing services.  

With Segments merchants can host their own payment page while using Segpay’s plug-in code to collect and send sensitive card data directly to Segpay’s secure servers.  The shopping experience creates a seamless checkout process that resides on a merchant’s active URL.  This enables the merchant to provide the same look and feel as its own site with the same design and functions as Segpay’s pay page, while minimizing PCI scope.  Users of Segpay Segments receive access to Segpay’s Payment Facilitator account features including localized receipt pages, risk management, end user customer service, robust reporting, and third-party payouts. 

In addition, this flexible payment solution will be offered to larger merchants who, when approved, can access features like language and currency options, and cross selling between merchants.  These solutions support both 3D Secure and Strong Consumer Authentication.  Even the payment receipt is customizable.

Looking for more information on Segpay Segments contact your representative or [email protected]

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