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We moved!

SegPay has been growing… to the point where we no longer fit in our office. 🙂 So we found a new one: SegPay, a global leader in digital payment processing, is relocating its corporate headquarters within South Florida – moving from Coral Springs to Deerfield Beach on March 3, tripling the size of its office space to accommodate additional staff to support a growing client base. Read the full story.

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3-D Secure: Now Helping You Fight Fraud and Save Sales

SegPay now gives you another tool in the ongoing fight against chargebacks and fraud. In late 2016, we introduced 3-D Secure (3DS), the latest fraud prevention initiative from MasterCard and Visa. 3DS adds an extra layer of security, helping prevent unauthorized use of a consumer’s credit card and potentially freeing you from liability in the case of fraud or chargeback. And, 3DS helps save sales that otherwise may have been declined for fraud – we’re seeing between 2-7% of sales saved, on average. You may already be familiar with 3-D Secure programs under the names Verified by Visa and Mastercard Secure Code. Purchases by consumers whose issuing banks are enrolled in one of these programs are authenticated by the 3DS system. This happens quickly, and behind the scenes in the vast majority of cases, so consumers don’t see it and there is virtually no risk of a sale being abandoned. In very rare cases where certain fraud indicators are triggered,

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Merchants, Tell Us What’s New with You! (It’s actually really important)

Valentine’s Day was last week (for those who celebrate) so what better time to remind our merchants how much we love and appreciate you – and to invite you to call us anytime and tell us what’s new in your life and your business! Of course, the business side is where we can help most, and it really is important to keep us updated when things change – whether you moved to a new location, added a director to the team, you name it. Keeping us up to date gives us the best chance to fight fraud and manage risk on your behalf. We’ve tried to make it easier and more secure to report company changes – in accordance with Know Your Customer (KYC) procedures. You can now download and use the following two documents from our support site to notify us about changes: (click on the document names). SegPay Change of Data Form Report new ownership, company name changes, or

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SegPay Passes Annual PCI Compliance

We wanted to share some good news: SegPay successfully completed the annual PCI audit during autumn 2016. The PCI audit is the industry standard for ensuring the security of payment data. SegPay goes through this extensive audit every year to ensure our systems and procedures meet the latest requirements of the PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard). This last audit certifies that SegPay meets the latest (version 3.2) standards for protecting your payment and account data. You can view our certification on Visa’s website. To learn more about PCI requirements, visit the PCI Security Standards Council website, or give us a call anytime.

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Visa Updates Merchant Location Rules

To continue the fight against fraud, prevent chargebacks and improve consumer protection, Visa has updated its rules regarding business location and how it is disclosed to consumers. Bottom line: the physical location where you do business must be in the same region of the world as your acquiring bank, and that location should be clearly identified on your website(s). The updates, which went into effect February 1st, include the following requirements: Your business has physical offices in your country of incorporation. You have a business license in that country. A majority of your directors are located in that country. You pay taxes in that country. Your company’s terms and conditions are governed by the law of that country. Your physical address, as well as an email and phone number where consumers can reach you, is displayed on your website. Non-compliance with Visa’s rules can result in steep fines. The good news: SegPay will work with you to make sure you

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SegPay at Industry Events

Better late than never to talk about two important industry events that we attended last month: XBiz (Los Angeles) and InterNext (Las Vegas). As always, it was great to get out and talk with clients, partners, and friends about the state of our industry and what to expect in the coming year. Among the hot topics discussed at both events: updated merchant location rules from Visa (we’ll post about this in more detail soon) and mandatory age verification in the UK. Here’s a recent story about this, but the rules – and strategies for compliance – are still developing. SegPay is following the discussions closely and we’re here to help if you have questions. We also heard a lot of talk about the Payment Facilitator model versus individual merchant accounts, and the need to periodically re-evaluate which works best for you. SegPay, of course, accommodates both arrangements, and we are always ready to help you make that assessment at any time. Thanks

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Segpay Consumer Support Multi-Language

Consumer Support Now Available in 14 Languages

Consumers are no longer limited to English when performing tasks such as updating credit card info, changing an email address or finding help with anything else on SegPay’s Consumer Portal. The portal – located at – initially defaults to the language from your browser settings. However, you can switch to one of the languages listed in the menu at the top right of the screen (see above).

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