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Email Marketing

Why You Should be Building an Email List Right Now

Ever wonder why you get so much spam in your inbox? It’s because even now in the age of social media, email marketing is still an incredibly powerful and profitable way to generate sales. Nearly everyone has email and checks it at least once a day. If unsolicited spam emails are generating profits, imagine how much more

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New Merchant Portal Feature: Sales by Country Report

Here’s what’s new in the Merchant Portal this week: Sales by Country Report This new report, located under Performance Reporting, lets you see which countries your sales came from during any time period. You decide whether country is determined by the customer’s billing information or their IP address at the time of the sale. NATS

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Share Your Suggestions on our Ideas Portal

You’ve been making your voices heard: after launching the new Merchant Portal last week, we have already added new features and enhancements, based on merchant feedback. Now, to encourage you to keep sharing your thoughts and ideas for how we can make SegPay better for you, we’ve launched an “Ideas Portal.” Visit: to propose

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Tips on Mastering Customer Retention

Please check out Tips to Master Customer Subscription Retention by Cathy, published on Churn of your subscription customers is one of the most important factors to look at when measuring the health and longevity of your business. Recurring billing models always see some regular churn, it’s just the nature of business with subscription programs. Merchants

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New Merchant Portal Feature: See More Detailed Info about Purchases

Last week we introduced SegPay’s new Merchant Portal. Today we made a few updates, based on feedback: When viewing the details of a specific purchase record, you now see the consumer’s billing terms, including the type of purchase – recurring membership, one-time sale, etc. – along with the price, recurring charge and billing interval (if

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Get to Know a Segpay Employee: Christina

It’s been a few months since our last employee spotlight (Teresa). We’re back again to discuss one of the dedicated, smart and all-around awesome members of our staff. This time the spotlight shines on Christina Marquez, who has deftly handled technical support since 2014. What is your role? Tech support and client integrations. In other

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Introducing the New SegPay Merchant Portal

Our new merchant portal is now available for everyone to use at:! If you were part of our beta testing group, first off, thank you for your help and suggestions. The beta period was a huge success and the portal we’re introducing today is much better for it. Beta testers can continue to log

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Our Latest Piece Helps Cam Sites and Similar Businesses Limit Fraud Risk

Check out Cam Merchants Should Be Wary of Fraud, by SegPay CEO Cathy Beardsley, published on The article explains how Cam sites, or any business where customers can “feed the meter” by making multiple payments to extend a session, can limit risk. For example: Payment processors want to encourage responsible spending while protecting merchants

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