Coming Soon: Reactivate a Cancelled Subscription

Welcome Back Reactivation Offers

Cancelled subscriptions are a fact of life. We’d love it if we could prevent every one of our members from cancelling. However, while that may not be realistic, we’ll soon be introducing a way to salvage some cancellations that may have been unintentional.

It’s true, sometimes members cancel by mistake. If we’re unable to bill someone’s card without them realizing why, the subscription ends even if the member wanted it to continue. Sometimes members cancel and later have a change of heart. In either case, the only recourse today is to start from scratch and sign up for a new subscription.

Coming soon, we’ll be including a “Reactivate” option in the consumer portal. Reactivating will reverse the cancellation – assuming it happens before the membership officially expires – and collect updated card details from the member. If the subscription already ended and access was revoked, Reactivating will instantly restore access and re-start the membership from that day forward (rebill dates will be set for 30 days from the reactivation date – or whatever your billing interval is, if not 30). The member’s new or updated card will be charged immediately.

We’ll post another announcement when Reactivation is officially live. Until then, please send us your thoughts about this or anything else via our Ideas Portal.

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