Segpay’s Tech Support Team Stars in Latest Educational Video

Tech support is always the first point of contact when you have a problem. You need someone who can listen and understand how best to react and solve problems. It’s especially important to have good people skills, especially when the first point of contact is a “real live person.”  At Segpay, we know how hard it is to reach a human on the phone, so we have people who are always ready to take your call and bring you answers. Segpay’s tech support starts with a kick-off call and continues with access by Skype or video calls whenever you need help. It’s our goal to answer every tech support question within 24 hours, but most times, you will get a response in less than one hour. Check out Segpay’s tech support team, which is highlighted in our latest video. Great people, great tech support, and a little fun as we are with you All the Way to Paid ™. 

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