Segpay Launches New Animated Video Marketing Campaign

Segpay announces the launch of a new, innovative marketing campaign featuring two "spokescharacters" in a series of animated videos.

Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. (December 2, 2022)Segpay, a pioneer in digital payment processing, announced today the launch of a new, innovative marketing campaign featuring two “Spokescharacters” in a series of animated videos. The new videos will be supported by interactive print and online digital assets. The characters, “Seemore Profits” and his trusty customer service dog, “Sassy” were created as a way to help demystify payment processing and to assist the Segpay sales team in growing the company’s base of online merchants.

“The payment processing world can be difficult and confusing but with ‘Seemore’ and ‘Sassy’ we can explain where we came from and exactly what we do,” said Segpay CEO Cathy Beardsley.

Click here to watch the new Segpay videos.

The marketing campaign is part of Segpay’s continued strategy to connect with merchants across multiple verticals, emphasizing the importance of a solid payment processor relationship and unmatched customer service.  The first three videos in the series were designed to quickly introduce Segpay to potential new clients and to reassure current merchants they made the right decision in partnering with Segpay. The videos also help simplify complex areas of the payment processing landscape.  For example, ever-changing regulations and how to best grow your business globally while adhering to strict compliance regulations.

“We knew when we started Segpay we needed to help merchants–especially those considered high risk–because they had no direct relationships with banks or credit card companies. Now, with Segpay, merchants can market their products and services around the globe,” Beardsley added. “We’re so proud to add these animated videos as an educational component to our overall sales efforts.”

The videos were developed to complement Segpay’s recently re-designed, content-rich and SEO optimized website—which is now accounting for 30% of new business leads. The new animated videos, highlight Segpay’s home office in Deerfield Beach, Florida while also spotlighting Segpay’s offices in Ireland, the UK, and more cities around the world.  Many of the animated characters featured in the videos are modelled after actual Segpay employees.  “Seemore” was created to be approachable and helpful—if not a bit nerdy.  “Sassy” is playful and loyal to the mission of helping to spread Segpay’s message.  Together they highlight Segpay’s best payment processing solutions.

Segpay has spent the last five months working with its long-time marketing agency, Atlanta-based Creaxion®, and its newest development partner, Explainify to create the videos.  Segpay’s web development agency partners, Harmelin Media and Brady Mills LLC worked to incorporate the videos into Segpay’s website and across the company’s social media channels.  Explainify creates animated explainer videos, Harmelin specializes in enhanced SEO services, and Brady Mills led the design and development of the new Segpay website.

Check out the new videos today at or feel free to reach out directly to [email protected].

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