Segpay Announces System-Wide Enhancements to Merchant Services Platform

FT. LAUDERDALE, Fla. (September 29, 2020)Segpay, a global leader in digital payment processing, announced today system-wide enhancements to its merchant services platform.  These updates- designed to improve the suite of solutions offered to merchants will enhance the payments experience from real-time reporting to simplified client management.

Segpay’s new Systems Status Page reports any issue in real-time going back over the past seven days.  It’s designed as a performance tracker of all systems and will describe any incident as well as if and how it was resolved.  Merchants can subscribe to receive text and email alerts from the Systems Status Page managed by Segpay’s IT department.

“We’re excited to be the first company in the space to offer a real-time reporting tool for our merchants,” said Jeff Rosenzweig, Segpay VP of Operations.  “It furthers our mission of being transparent with our clients at every step of the payment process.”

Additionally, Segpay announced its new Merchant Portal developed with a simplified, modern look showcasing the platform’s powerful functionality.  The new design provides additional space at the top of the pages allowing for more room to view search results.  The portal will also become a central location for necessary Know Your Customer (KYC) document management allowing merchants to easily locate requirement documents through a tab system.

“These updates elevate and simplify the payments experience while still providing a modern, sophisticated design,” said Segpay CEO Cathy Beardsley.  “In a year that has been challenging for us all, we really wanted our merchants to be able to focus on their business as we continue to help them get paid.”

Segpay has also updated its API process allowing merchants to look up a credit card number to determine if it was ever used for a successful transaction at Segpay.  This provides advanced merchants a way to build their own system through the lookup.  A process necessary with the upcoming French age verification laws.

To learn more about Segpay’s new enhancements please contact [email protected].

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