Segpay Adds Additional Layer of Security to Fraud Mitigation System

Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. (May 27, 2022)Segpay, a pioneer in digital payment processing, announced today that it has added ThreatX as part of its security suite of services. The partnership allows Segpay to gain insights on potential threats before they have a negative impact to its system.

“Cybersecurity is on the forefront of Segpay’s strategy to becoming not only the leader in payment processing but also the most secure and redundant provider in the space,” said Segpay Director of Operations Marco Escobar.

ThreatX protects Segpay’s apps and APIs with accuracy and visibility by staying one step ahead of attackers with insights into their movements and building on to Segpay’s existing fraud mitigation security system.  ThreatX also provides an additional layer of security for its critical transaction endpoints.  Together Segpay and ThreatX mitigate cyberattacks proactively and gain insights into them including query strings, IP addresses, and details on attacker behaviours to help mitigate future risks.

“Attackers are becoming smarter and more evasive and with ThreatX we can determine whether attackers are just getting their feet wet or are trying to exploit us giving us something we can clearly focus on,” Escobar adds.

Segpay is always working on enhancements to continue its brand growth.  The addition of ThreatX is another way Segpay is there for its merchants All the Way to Paid ™.

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