What is Stand-In Processing?

Stand-in processing helps merchants by reducing transaction losses caused by network disruptions and temporarily approve a purchase.
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You’ve been asking and we’ve been listening, so we wanted to offer a better explanation as to what stand-in processing is and how it works.  Stand-in processing helps merchants by reducing transaction losses caused by network disruptions.  These could include things like a bank being unavailable, network issues that could prevent delivery of a transaction to the bank or when a credit card network is offline and network issues prevent a transaction from transmitting to the bank. With all these issues, stand-in processing can temporarily approve the purchase. 

Here’s how it works.  When stand-in processes the transaction, the purchase status becomes a temporary approval.  In the background, the stand-in transaction is retried up to three times, at two-hour intervals, until an authorization response from the bank is received.  Segpay also checks the transaction against internal fraud tables to ensure that the consumer is not blocked by one of our fraud protocols before issuing the temporary approval.   

Enabling stand-in processing is simple and the merchant’s cost for providing temporary access is extremely low.  It also keeps customers from experiencing down time and inconvenient situations where they can’t use their cards to pay for and access their purchases. 

Have more questions or need help adding stand-in processing to your account?  Reach out to your sales representative or email us at [email protected]

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