Two Reports to Help You Spot Trends and Plan Better

Segpay Reporting

It’s now been 6 months since we launched our new Merchant Portal. The redesigned portal brought you a host of new functionality at once, with the ability to manage your consumers, websites, and all of your pricing, not to mention reporting to help you track performance, with enough data to help you make good decisions.

So, since it’s been a little while, we wanted to spotlight some specific functionality in the portal, as a reminder of what you have available. We’ll start with a couple of the default reports. First, the Active Members report, which generates a list of your subscribers, broken out by recurring subscriptions, one-time purchases and/or cancellations. The report helps you see which sites and cash programs are generating the most memberships, how long members are staying on board, and more. Sort the report to see upcoming rebill dates at the top (for recurring memberships).

Speaking of rebill dates, the Scheduled Rebills report shows all the recurring payments coming your way during the month you select. You can see them in a list, however, we prefer the calendar view for a look at your expected revenue day-by-day, helping you gauge the health of your business at any given time.

Have you used the Active Members and/or Scheduled Rebills reports? If so, does the current functionality give you what you need, or is there additional data you’d like to see? What other reports would you like to see added to the Merchant Portal?

Please share your thoughts in the comments below or in our Ideas Portal.

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