Turning 2018’s Challenges into Opportunities


Please check out Cathy’s latest XBIZ piece, The Rocky Road of Regulations in 2018, in which she recaps the litany of new rules and other challenges our industry had to navigate during the past year. The good news: we’re all stronger for having gone through the process of dealing with everything that came at us in 2018.

From the SESTA/FOSTA anti-trafficking laws in the US to Age Verification in the UK (a timely topic at the moment) to GDPR in the EU, and beyond…

Ultimately these new regulatory requirements elevated the industry by holding all of us to a higher standard; however, getting there took some hard work by everyone. As the year ends, we wanted to look back at some of the key changes that increased transparency to both regulators and consumers.

Read it on XBIZ.com.

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