Reducing Workplace Stress


Today is National Stress Awareness Day. We hope it’s a day that doesn’t apply to you because you’re stress-free, but the truth is that most of us do experience stress and today is a day to discuss, and hopefully try to resolve, whatever is causing stress in our lives.

This is a timely topic at Segpay because our fearless leader, Cathy, spoke on a panel discussion last month about this topic. Joining Cathy on the panel – called Mental Health and Work – were Catherine McGrath of Flywire, Marianne Tijssen of Five Degrees and Victoria Hammond of Payments & Cards Network.

We thought it might be helpful to share some of what came out of their discussion, in recognition of National Stress Awareness today.

Change and uncertainty can lead to stress at work

A common theme that emerged from the panel discussion was that when an organization goes through change and/or when there is uncertainty about its future, employees tend to feel stressed. No real surprise there, nor with the recommended solution: more communication. The panel suggested regular one-on-one meetings between management and direct reports (perhaps weekly) to ensure goals are clearly defined, and to provide an outlet for employees to voice concerns or frustrations. Quarterly “all hands” meetings where management shares company results and news, and perhaps takes questions, can also create an environment of certainty and clarity where people feel included. Especially when an organization implements policies based on employee feedback.

Best Practices

The panel shared the following best practices to help relieve stress in the workplace:

  1. Weekly one on ones with management and direct reports to communicate key initiatives.
  2. Quarterly (or more frequent) all-hands meetings or company communication from the top, reaffirming key initiatives and objectives along with results.
  3. Bi-annual meetings that allow staff members to openly share their perceptions of the company, followed by direct action from management.
  4. Foster a family environment where the staff have each other’s backs.
  5. Create a positive work environment, with celebrations for birthdays and other occasions, as well as to welcome new members to the team.
  6. Promote diversity on the team to ensure many different viewpoints.
  7. Create an environment that encourages and promotes work-life balance.

What are some of your tips for reducing stress?

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