Reactivation Offers – Another Tool to Boost Customer Retention

Welcome Back Reactivation Offers

You’re probably familiar with Cancel/Keep retention offers, which can persuade a consumer to change his/her mind about cancelling. This week we are introducing Reactivation retention offers, which can bring back consumers whose accounts were already cancelled or expired, by making it extremely easy to restore an inactive membership.

Reactivation offers are most effective for someone whose subscription ended unintentionally – perhaps because of a failed billing attempt, or if the subscriber willingly cancelled but had a change of heart.

You can set up Reactivation offers, and assign offers to specific price points, under the My Websites menu in the Segpay Merchant Portal.

When consumers cancel a membership that is tied to a Reactivation offer, they can be sent a reactivation link, or find one in Segpay’s consumer portal, by searching for their subscription.*

By clicking a Reactivation link, the consumer reinstates the account and resumes the membership where they left off. Previously, one could only reactivate by making a new purchase, an extra effort many weren’t willing to make.

See How Effective Your Reactivation Offers Are

Under the same My Websites menu, you will find the Retention Offers report, which shows how well your Cancel/Keep and Reactivation offers are performing. You can request this data via Segpay Reporting Services (SRS) as well. Click here to learn more about setting up SRS reporting, and specifically how to report on all memberships that were reactivated during a given date range.

Where to find Reactivation links

You can send Reactivation links to recently-cancelled consumers, to try and entice them to come back. You can find these Reactivation links in the following areas of the Merchant Portal:

Cancel/Expires Report

Run the Recent Cancel/Expires report to see the cancelled or lapsed subscriptions in your account, and find Reactivation links for eligible memberships. Copy the link and email it to the consumer with an offer to try and entice him or her back.

Consumer Search

In the Manage Consumers area of the Merchant Portal, you can search for specific people or subscriptions. If you are viewing the purchase record of a cancelled subscription that is eligible for reactivation, you will see a reactivation link, which you can copy, and either send it to the consumer who cancelled, or reactivate the membership yourself.

Reactivation Links on Demand

Retrieve a Reactivation URL by sending us the Purchase ID of a cancelled subscription. Learn more in our SRS documentation.

Phase II of Reactivation offers, to be introduced in the coming weeks, will allow you to attach a discount to specific price points, giving ex-members an even stronger incentive to reactivate. These go hand in hand with Cancel/Keep offers to boost customer retention rates and lifetime value.

So, what do you think about Reactivation offers? Please let us know in the comments below or by posting in our Ideas Portal.

* Unless the membership is ineligible for reactivation, due to fraud or a service/website that is no longer active.

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