New Merchant Portal Feature: Sales by Country Report

Here’s what’s new in the Merchant Portal this week:

Sales by Country Report

This new report, located under Performance Reporting, lets you see which countries your sales came from during any time period. You decide whether country is determined by the customer’s billing information or their IP address at the time of the sale.

Sales By Country

NATS Configuration Report

A new “Price Point Summary” column helps you clarify the price point associated with each record in the report.

Payout Balance Report

It’s now easier to follow how payout amounts were determined. We rearranged the columns so the following display side-by-side:

  • Statement Amount
  • Processing Currency
  • Exchange Rate
  • Total Net Converted
  • Payout Currency

Manage Consumers

When searching for purchases by consumer, the results are now sorted so the most recent transactions appear first.

What new features or updates would you like to see? Please let us know in the Ideas Portal.

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