Help Design a New Segpay Program

Our tagline is “All the way to paid.” Ultimately, that describes the most important thing Segpay does: make sure our merchants are paid. But many merchants need payouts sent to others, besides just themselves. From affiliate partners to models or other performers and contractors, merchants want to rely on their payment provider for a true end to end solution, from checkout to processing… all the way to paid – and that means everyone who needs to be paid.

We are working on a couple of potential solutions for these vendor payouts; one involving direct payments to a bank account and another where funds are added to Mastercard-branded cards. Both are close to being ready for a test run, Beta style (meaning you’d get to use these solutions before they are released to the world, and we’ll ask about your experience – as well as that of your vendors – and update the feature according to your feedback).

If you are interested in being a beta tester and helping us design these payout solutions, please contact us at [email protected]. Initially we’ll select two merchants – one in the US and one in the EU – but we’ll be looking for more testers over time, so please be patient if we don’t get back to you immediately. Thank you in advance!

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