Get to Know a Segpay Employee: Christina


It’s been a few months since our last employee spotlight (Teresa). We’re back again to discuss one of the dedicated, smart and all-around awesome members of our staff. This time the spotlight shines on Christina Marquez, who has deftly handled technical support since 2014.

What is your role?

Tech support and client integrations. In other words, helping merchants with things like account setup, integrating with our payment system, transactional reporting, fraud detection, and/or whatever else is on their mind!

What did you do before Segpay?

I’ve been in the payments field for 12 years and counting. I started in customer support for another payment processor where I worked my way through different roles such as chargeback/fraud analyst, affiliates helpdesk support, and customer service manager. Before that, I was an executive assistant to the managing partners of a CPA firm.

What’s the most frequently asked question you get from merchants?

Well, up until last week it was: “When is SegPay getting rid of Silverlight so we can access the admin suite?” The good news is, we launched our new merchant portal, which is accessible from virtually anywhere. No more Silverlight!

What makes Segpay’s tech support great?

It’s all about teamwork, open communication, and treating everyone with respect. We support, and continuously learn from each other. We truly care about our merchants and we work together to make sure they are well-cared-for. Also, we are a fun group that laughs way too much. Can I say that last part? 🙂


Born and raised in southern California. I’ve lived in a few places but Long Beach is where I feel truly at home. I love the city’s skate culture, which is still alive and well. You’re always sure to see lots of roller-skaters and skateboarders rolling to their jobs or along the beach path, or from bar to bar.

What should people know about SegPay?

How dedicated our employees are to the success of our clients, and each other, and what a strong team environment we have here. Everyone’s input is truly valued and appreciated. We really have a great group of hardworking folks who genuinely care about what they do.

Any hobbies?

I’m taking an art class where I’m learning to paint landscapes/scenery. I also do powerlifting training three times a week. Any extra time is dedicated to sampling South Florida’s craft beer scene and just relaxing.

Well, since you mentioned it… favorite local craft beer?

J. Wakefield in Miami is great. I also love Angry Chair, out of Tampa.

Recent books or TV shows you’d recommend?

Books: The Cobra Event by Richard Preston and/or the Harry Potter series.
TV: Stranger Things and Fringe are both excellent!

Favorite place to travel?

New York City. I love getting lost in the city and exploring all of the little mom-and-pop shops/bars/restaurants.

A favorite tool for organizing your work?

I live by checklists and I would be completely lost without one.

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