New Merchant Portal Feature: See More Detailed Info about Purchases

Last week we introduced SegPay’s new Merchant Portal. Today we made a few updates, based on feedback:

When viewing the details of a specific purchase record, you now see the consumer’s billing terms, including the type of purchase – recurring membership, one-time sale, etc. – along with the price, recurring charge and billing interval (if applicable). Go to My Consumers → Manage Consumers, run a search and click View Record on one of the results.

Terms of Membership

At the bottom of the same page, in the table that lists specific transactions associated with a purchase, you now have a Status column to show whether each transaction was Completed, Declined, Refunded, Voided or Charged Back.

Chargeback Status

Finally, when you run the Reserves Report, the date range now defaults to the prior 6 months, the most common setting since reserves are paid out to you after 6 months.

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