New Addition to Merchant Portal: Content Violation Interface

Segpay’s Merchant Portal underwent a substantial performance update about a year ago.  Now to help merchants navigate the new Mastercard compliance regulations that took effect October 15, 2021, Segpay has added a new interface.  This feature is designed to help merchants by offering a place to report violation complaints including potential content violations, copyright violations, take down requests, or anything similar on websites.  You can also show any actions that have been taken to resolve these types of complaints.

This type of reporting is a mandatory requirement by Mastercard and providing this feature in the Merchant Portal creates an easy way for merchants to fulfill that obligation.  The merchant is responsible for reporting the complaints or events listed above and Segpay’s new content violation interface simplifies that process.  Segpay’s compliance team will also provide monthly reports to its acquiring banking partners and to Mastercard upon request.  This is just another way Segpay takes the away the hard work so you can focus on what you do best.  As always, Segpay is here for you All the way to Paid. ™ 

Need help with your Merchant Portal or navigating the new Mastercard compliance regulations? We can help, just reach out to our sales team at [email protected].

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