Segpay Merchants Now Protected by 3-D Secure 2.0


Segpay merchants are now protected by the strong customer authentication measures offered via 3-D Secure (3DS) version 2.0, which was added to the Segpay platform last week. 

3DS 2.0 represents another step forward in protecting merchants against fraud and chargebacks through more intelligent analysis of consumer data, with virtually no effect on the speedy completion of online payments. Transactions on the Segpay system are protected by 3DS’s latest authentication measures whenever a potential fraud is detected. 

Look for the new 3DSauthenticated variable in transaction postbacks to identify when 3DS was invoked. You may notice two other postback variables – SCArequired and 3DSauthenticationtype – which were added in anticipation of the PSD2 regulation in the EU, but can be ignored for now. We will have more information on them – as well as a new Merchant Portal report that tracks 3DS transactions – as wider enforcement of PSD2 starts taking hold in the EU.

Along the same lines, our One click service continues to work as normal. Nothing has been changed for PSD2 compliance yet, so there is no need to change anything about how you use the One click service.

Something that is changing, however: One click payments require consumers to enter their CVV code now, a more secure form of verification than an email address or expiration date. Again, nothing is required on your end, it will work this way automatically, going forward. 

Please contact your Segpay sales rep or [email protected] with questions about 3DS 2.0 or anything else.

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