Updated Visa Dispute Rules Start Oct 1st

The newly-named Visa Dispute Monitoring Program (VDMP) takes effect October 1st, along with stricter thresholds for allowable disputes.

During any month, the VDMP sets a threshold that allows merchants up to 100 disputes and a maximum 0.9% ratio of total disputes (count) to total sales (count). Previously Visa allowed up to a 1% ratio.

Merchants who exceed the thresholds in a given month will continue to receive early warning notifications, allowing time for corrective action. Segpay receives these warnings on behalf of merchants who process with us.

As of yesterday, Segpay merchants are protected by the latest version of 3-D Secure (version 2.0) which improves information sharing between merchants and banks to help authenticate paying consumers more accurately and quickly. 3DS 2.0 helps ensure fraud and dispute rates are kept to a minimum and remain within Visa’s allowable ranges.

Please contact us at [email protected] if you have any questions about Visa’s updated dispute rules.

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