Keeping Customers Through Membership Up and Downgrades

Once you land a customer you always want to keep them.  Here at Segpay we continue to look for ways to help our merchants do just that.  With Segpay Reporting Services (SRS) merchants can automate or simplify common billing and support tasks like upgrading or downgrading recurring memberships by simply changing the amount regularly rebilled.  For example, offering bronze, silver or gold memberships.  Segpay has just upgraded its application programing interface (API) so it will allow merchants to send a direct upgrade request for active recurring subscription.  This will enable the ability to offer your customers a way to upgrade from a lower tier subscription to a higher tier and the ability to charge them a prorated amount for the new tier.  All of this can be done while keeping their original Segpay purchase ID.  In order to use this feature, you will need to be approved by compliance and configured in our system.  You will also need the whitelisting of your IP’s by sending the request directly to Segpay.  For more information or for help getting started with this process, please contact your Segpay account manager or tech support at [email protected].

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