Find Payout Adjustments Faster

We made a few changes to the Merchant Portal this week:

Invoice Report

Adjustments was added as a new invoice type, so you can filter the report to only show your invoices that include Adjustments, such as when the credit card association fees were applied to your account:

Invoice Options


Stand-in processing is not available for Delayed Capture price points, and we made that clearer in the Add Package interface. If you add a Delayed Capture price point to a package where stand-in was enabled, you’ll see a message about this, with the option to continue (and disable stand-in in your package) or not add the Delayed Capture price point, keeping stand-in enabled. Similarly, for any package that includes a Delayed Capture price point, stand-in won’t be selectable unless that price point is removed.

Scheduled Rebills Report

In certain cases, Retry Date was not being displayed in report results even when a failed rebill was scheduled to be re-tried. This is fixed. Retry dates are appearing correctly. In the case where no retry date exists, the date shows as N/A.

Chargeback Report

The issue affecting the Chargeback report in IE, Edge and Firefox browsers is resolved. The merchant portal supports these browsers, as well as Chrome and Safari. Please contact us if you ever experience a browser-related issue in the merchant portal.

Thank you for being patient.

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