Crypto Legitimacy When Creating a Financial Foundation for Adult Content Creators

Could cryptocurrency provide a viable financial foundation for the industry?

Key Takeaways

Crypto legitimacy is growing globally among merchants and businesses.

Cryptocurrencies offer privacy, lower fees, faster transactions, no chargeback risks, and global accessibility.

Trust is still an issue due to cryptocurrency price volatility, regulatory concerns, and fraud risks.

Segpay incorporates cryptocurrency transactions in our payment solutions package.

Cryptocurrencies have become popular with merchants and businesses as an alternate payment method since their introduction in 2009. High-risk businesses seeking lower fees and faster transactions without stigma are increasingly drawn to crypto payment solutions

Adult content is one of the more profitable internet businesses. It is a highly competitive and saturated industry with significant barriers to entry. Established adult content businesses find profit margins eroded by several issues, including regulatory uncertainty, digital piracy of content, and rising costs. However, many of those issues pale compared to the financial challenges an adult content creator must overcome. 

Could cryptocurrency provide a viable financial foundation for the industry? Much depends on crypto legitimacy.

Traditional financial challenges for the Adult Content Creators

Due to their product’s high-risk and risqué nature, adult content creators have been treated as “less than desirable” by traditional finance institutions.

Banking and Payment Processing

A significant challenge for an adult content creator is obtaining banking and payment processing services. Due to the controversial nature of the content and the legal ambiguities surrounding it, many traditional banks and payment processors are hesitant to provide services to adult content businesses. This lack of access forces them to seek alternative financial solutions, often at a higher cost.


The risk of chargebacks can be a financial burden. High chargeback rates can result in increased fees and the potential termination of payment processing services, further complicating adult content businesses’ financial stability.

Privacy and Security of User Information

Online privacy and security are growing concerns in the adult content industry. Data breaches and the exposure of user information can have severe financial consequences, including legal liabilities and loss of consumer trust. To safeguard their financial stability, businesses in the adult content industry must invest heavily in cybersecurity measures.

To thrive in this financial environment, businesses in the adult content industry have begun exploring alternative financial solutions such as cryptocurrency.

Understanding Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin are decentralized digital money built via blockchain technology. It is not backed by, controlled, or owned by any government, banking system, or financial institution.  Blockchain (computer software code) records and stores all transactions in a digital database. 

Anyone with internet access can download Bitcoin software and use it on their computer to make and track transactions. The transactions are grouped in Blocks and added to the database chronologically, forming a chain of cryptographic functions.  

Anyone in the world can access Bitcoin and use it. Similar to stocks, bitcoin’s price is determined by supply and demand. A user can send Bitcoin to another user via electronic transfers to and from digital wallets on an internet platform. The platform charges users a transaction fee, which is automatically deducted from the amount sent.

Advantages of Cryptocurrencies as a viable solution for adult content creators

  • Privacy and Discretion

One of the most significant advantages of using adult content crypto payment solutions is the level of anonymity they provide. Users can make payments without revealing personal information, reducing identity theft risk, and protecting their privacy. In an industry where discretion is essential, this aspect is appealing.

  • Lower transaction fees

Traditional payment processors charge fees for processing transactions, which can significantly cut into the profits of adult content creators. Cryptocurrency transactions typically have lower fees, which means more money in the pockets of those producing and distributing content. Reduced fees are compelling for content creators to consider cryptocurrencies as a financial foundation.

  • Global Accessibility

Cryptocurrencies can be used worldwide by anyone with an internet connection, regardless of location. New markets and opportunities could open for adult content creators and consumers. Traditional financial institutions often impose restrictions on transactions related to adult content, making cryptocurrency a more inclusive alternative.

  • Reduced Chargeback Risk

Chargebacks are a common problem in the adult content industry, with customers disputing payments and potentially causing financial losses for content creators. Cryptocurrency transactions can’t be reversed.  Once the payment is made, it cannot be charged back, thus reducing the risk of financial.

  • Security

Cryptocurrencies provide blockchain technology, which utilizes cryptographic techniques to secure transactions and wallets. Every transaction is time-stamped and can’t be changed or deleted once recorded. Such technology authenticates transactions.

Cryptocurrencies may seem like a great fit due to their anonymity, global access, reduced fees, and elimination of chargebacks. However, adult content crypto has drawbacks.

The Challenges of Cryptocurrency Adoption

Despite the significant growth and attention from various stakeholders, crypto legitimacy depends on trust. Trust remains a pivotal issue in the cryptocurrency market. Cryptocurrencies are still a fringe technology, a digital asset not backed by any government, insurance, or financial institution.

Regulatory concerns 

The adult content industry operates in a gray legal area, and using cryptocurrencies may raise concerns among regulators. Different countries have varying regulations regarding cryptocurrencies and adult content.

Lack of education and awareness 

While the use of cryptocurrencies is growing, it is less widely accepted than traditional payment methods. 

Volatility in cryptocurrency markets 

Cryptocurrencies are known for their price volatility. The adult content industry desperately needs a stable financial foundation, and the rapid price fluctuations of cryptocurrencies can create uncertainty. An adult content creator may struggle to budget and plan when their earnings are subject to significant price swings.

Technical barriers 

Blockchain technology necessitates a significant investment in infrastructure, software systems, and technical knowledge of operation. It would be cost-prohibitive for most smaller businesses. 

Security and fraud risks

The lack of standards and a specific framework for cryptocurrency and the public nature of blockchain technology do not guarantee that a business can manage digital assets securely. Many scams and fraudulent schemes target those who lack knowledge about cryptocurrencies.

Segpay recently added cryptocurrency transactions to its payment solution package.

  • We currently support several cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), DASH, Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), ProperT (PROPT), Tether (USDT), Tron (TRX), USD Coin (USDC) and XRP. 
  • Segpay accepts crypto wallets.
  • Accepting cryptocurrency with Segpay is secure and is Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti Money Laundering (AML) compliant.

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