An Easier Way to Upgrade Memberships

Recurring Payments

Earlier this year we wrote about how Segpay Reporting Services (SRS) can make your life easier, in particular by automating or simplifying common billing and support tasks. One such task is upgrading or downgrading a recurring membership by changing the amount that is regularly rebilled. Previously, SRS only allowed you to decrease a rebill amount. However, now you can increase a recurring charge as well, with prior approval from the Segpay compliance team.

This means you can use this feature for upgrades to higher membership tiers (for example, if your service offers Bronze, Silver and Gold levels, etc.) or where you allow add-on features (think mobile phone service where one can tack on a higher data plan or enhanced security features to an existing membership) that result in an increased recurring rate.

When changing a rebill amount, include the original Purchase ID and the new recurring amount in your SRS request. The member will receive an email confirmation, and the increase will take effect on the next rebill date. Members can view their account history, including changes to their membership type, at

Please see our SRS documentation for the details on how to change recurring amounts, as well as all the other reports and tasks you can execute using SRS.

As always, please let us know what you think in the comments below, or by contacting [email protected].

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