Unique card identifier gives merchants another anti-fraud tool

Fraud Prevention

Starting today, merchants have the option to include in postback notifications a unique Payment Account ID that identifies the credit card used in transactions on the Segpay system – whether an initial sale, rebill or refund – giving merchants another way to identify their consumers. The Payment Account ID is sent as a secure tokenized value, allowing merchants to uniquely identify a card in a PCI-compliant way, without sending actual card numbers, or only relying on non-unique masking.

The Payment Account ID is passed back to merchants after all transactions and could help reveal potential fraud; for example, in cases where someone used a card you had previously associated with a different consumer. Receiving the Payment Account ID – along with other parameters such as the card type, First 6 and Last 4 digits, BIN country, etc. – provides another way for merchants to identify consumers. It can be especially helpful, for example, in identifying someone who registers for services across multiple Segpay merchant accounts, while helping you more easily spot potentially fraudulent activity.

Merchants who have our default transactional postback in place don’t have to do anything new to receive this data. However, merchants who have customized their transactional postback will need to add the parameter <paymentaccountid> to the custom postback string (add <ccfirst6>, <cclast4>, <ccbincountry>, <cardtype>, <prepaidindicator>, as well to get as much identifying info as possible). As always, if you’d like some help, our tech support crew is happy to lend a hand.


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