Segpay Releases Payment Page Update: Payment Link Variable

Feature Friday

Targeting your customers just got easier with Segpay’s new payment page option. Merchants can now update their payment pages and customize which payment page option(s) they want to display on the payment page with Segpay’s new payment link variable. This alternative allows merchants to target some of its consumers for PayPal and others for different payment options. This new solution is available to merchants who support multiple payment options. This payment link variable removes the previous need for custom pay pages for either type of payment.

Merchants can see the new variable in action in the links below and through the allowed payment types: Visa, MasterCard, Discover, JCB, and PayPal depending on the merchant.   Click on each of the four different values to see what can currently be sent to the Segpay system. As Segpay adds new additional payment options, this variable will expand. It’s also designed so merchants can receive this data back in the postback.  Ready to target your payment pages, we can help you get started. Segpay’s support staff is just a call, email, zoom, text, or chat away.  

Examples of the New Payment Variables

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