Post Pay Gives Cam Merchants More Control, Less Risk

Control How You Authorize and Settle

Segpay recently introduced Post Pay, a pricing feature designed to give merchants more control over how they authorize and settle purchases on “cam” sites or other token-based services. With Post pay, merchants can offer a better buying experience while lowering their risk of chargebacks.

More control for merchants

Post pay lets merchants authorize an amount on a consumer’s card, then allow as many purchases, within their site, as they need until that amount is used up. If the full amount isn’t used, the merchant can capture the transaction at any time for any amount below the initial authorization. This lets merchants market a service where one pays only for the time they use; so consumers can buy with more confidence, knowing they won’t be on the hook for unused time.

With Post Pay, merchants can track how much of the authorized amount the consumer has spent before capturing the total. With an initial authorization of $100, for example, a merchant can prompt someone to “chat more” after a session ends where the full $100 still hasn’t been used. A request for more tokens can then be fulfilled quickly without having to make a new call to Segpay. Once that consumer is finished buying or reaches the $100, the merchant can capture the amount spent and finalize one overall transaction, helping reduce chargeback risk.

Less chargeback risk

Risk of chargeback tends to be greater on cam sites than on standard subscription membership services. On a good cam site, consumers enjoy chatting with the models and often prolong their experience by purchasing multiple sessions, one after the other. As these small purchases add up, so does the risk that when the consumer receives the bill and sees four or five individual line items, he or she will dispute a charge or, worse, go straight to a chargeback request.

Post Pay ensures that, even after purchasing multiple sessions, the consumer’s credit card statement shows one total purchase, simplifying things and making it less likely the consumer doesn’t recognize one of many smaller charges and initiates a dispute. In the unfortunate case where a chargeback does happen, it only counts as one instead of potentially many more.

To use Post Pay, please contact us at [email protected]. Once approved, you can edit or create Digital Purchase or Dynamic price points in the Merchant Portal and enable them for Post Pay.

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