Increase your revenue with cross-sales

Cross Selling

Segpay merchants have long had the ability to set up cross sale offers, displayed at the point where consumers are submitting a purchase. Cross-sells promote additional products the consumer might be interested in adding to their order at checkout. What some merchants may not know is that they can set up these cross-sells not only to their own products, but to other merchants as well. By setting up a cross sale agreement with another merchant, you can boost your own sales through referral business, and/or earn revenue shares for any business you refer from your customer base.

If you are interested in entering a cross-selling arrangement with another merchant, please contact [email protected] and we will find you a willing partner.

Segpay will set up the cross-sells so they display on the payment page. We’ll process the payments and notify both parties via postback whenever a cross-sale is purchased. Merchants will have to work out the terms of their cross-sale agreement with each other, and then arrange payouts for completed cross sale transactions..

Both merchants in such an arrangement must be on Segpay Payment Facilitator accounts, with prior approval from our compliance team.

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