Get to Know a Segpay Employee: Mitch

Mitch Mastrucci
Mitch Mastrucci
We were afraid to ask what Segpay’s Mitch Mastrucci was doing in this photo of him on a recent Taco Tuesday

Mitchel Mastrucci (Mitch) is one of Segpay’s newest employees, having joined our client integrations and support team in February of this year. The folks here at Segpay are still learning about our new colleague, and thought you might like to join us in getting to know a little about Mitch.

Where are you from?

I grew up about a half hour outside of Cleveland, in Chagrin Falls, Ohio. It’s a great town, but not the most exciting place on earth, and that is probably what the locals enjoy about it. Like many towns in Ohio, it is very quaint with a comforting nostalgia, something out of a fairy tale. And while I didn’t love the winters there, I have great memories of making maple syrup with my father during that time of year.

So, what brought you to Florida?

Well, speaking of those winters, my family wanted to escape them and finally did so, in 2009. It was hard to adjust at first, but now I shiver when it’s 60 degrees with a light breeze, so I’d say I’ve gotten used to it here.

Where did you work before Segpay? 

I worked in Patient Care Coordination at an Acupuncture Clinic. I had always wanted to work in the medical field, but after being in that environment I realized it wasn’t for me.

So far, I’m happy about my decision to move on. Segpay gives off a very family-oriented energy that feels like a “home away from home.” I haven’t been working for many years, but it’s clear that something like this is rare to find.

Where did you go to school?

I am currently attending Broward College, studying Computer Science. I think eventually I’d like to work on a Virtual Reality-based product.

Do you have hobbies?

In no particular order: yoga, playing music, finding new taco spots. Work and school keep me pretty busy so I don’t have much time for music these days; however, I manage to find time for tacos. 🙂

That’s a shame about the music. What instrument(s) do you play?

Synthesizer and piano. My grandfather bought me my first synthesizer when I was 14. I wanted to play ever since I heard old video game soundtracks. I never had formal training, I would just sort of play around until I was comfortable creating the sounds I wanted.

Favorite taco place?

My current favorite is Taco Craft, in Fort Lauderdale. Maybe I can get an endorsement deal out of this (or at least a discount). 🙂

Have any favorite books, movies and/or TV shows?

Books: The Tao of Pooh & The Te of Piglet by Benjamin Hoff. (These are an introduction to Taoism for Westerners, using characters from Winnie The Pooh).

Movies: Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid, White Christmas, Good Will Hunting, In Bruges, Porco Rosso.

TV: The Office, Steven Universe, Ru Paul’s Drag Race.

Let’s close with this: who do you admire outside of work, and why?

My sister, Lira, who recently graduated from ATOM (Atlantic Institute of Oriental Medicine) and now works as a board-certified Acupuncturist. She’s  an extremely hard worker and is very good at what she does.

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