Ready for a Merchant Account but Don’t Want to Handle Billing all by Yourself? SegPay Gateway Can Help

Billing Management

The SegPay Gateway, introduced in late 2016, is designed for businesses that have a merchant bank account but aren’t quite ready to take on the entire billing process themselves, including fraud protection and customer support. The Gateway also offers a bridge to merchants transitioning from Payment Facilitator arrangements, allowing them to maintain their global billing footprint and expanded payment options.

XBiz wrote about it:

“SegPay Gateway enables us to easily transition Payment Facilitator merchants to their own merchant account allowing them to unbundle traditional payment facilitator services and manage more on their own. It also offers a more flexible system for merchants selling products and point of sale services,” (said Cathy Beardsley, SegPay’s CEO).

The new SegPay Gateway, according to Beardsley, offers merchants the following simple advantages:

  • Quick implementation — System can be up and running in less than 48 hours;
  • Payment integration — Plugs into most major shopping carts and provides access to domestic and international banks;
  • Retention tools — Ability to provide access to membership and consumer retention tools including loyalty discounts and cross-selling features;
  • Merchant accounts — Merchants can choose from multiple international and domestic banks;
  • Business consulting — Dedicated team of payment professionals assisting with the implementation of SegPay Gateway; and
  • Safety and security — System offers customizable fraud detection tools.

The gateway is already gaining traction, both among conventional e-commerce businesses, and high-risk merchants who want to gradually transition from their Payment Facilitator to true billing independence.

Contact us to hear more about these early success stories, and find out how the SegPay Gateway can help you, whether you already have a merchant account or would like help finding one.

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