10 Ways to Ensure Business Continuity During an Emergency

In the wake of the Coronvirus pandemic, does your business have a continuity plan in place?  Segpay does and we’re happy to share our insights with you. Here are 10 tips to follow to develop your business continuity plan in case of an emergency:

  1. Make sure all employees can work remotely.  If essential employees don’t have company laptops make sure they have the software to continue to function and do their jobs the same as they would in the office.
  2. To ensure the highest level of security, have a Virtual Private Network (VPN) in place. Require employees to utilize this secure network when connecting to the corporate environment and to avoid public wi-fi networks and other non-secure methods of communication.
  3. Back-up all systems including financial data and other important documents.
  4. Conduct a companywide remote working day “dry run” to make sure everything operates smoothly.
  5. Put in place standard operating procedures for everyone to follow while working remotely. Taking the time to put policies and procedures in place now will avoid potential business disruption down the road.
  6. Keep communications flowing between employees, managers, clients, vendors and other partners.  
  7. Make sure key contact information is accessible for everyone. This includes developing and keeping up-to-date contact information for all employees.
  8. Have conference call numbers in place and create Skype or other messaging groups to encourage collaboration.
  9. Conduct morning, mid-day and afternoon check-ins to keep communication flowing.
  10. Trust employees to do the right thing and continue their normal work rituals and routines while working remotely.

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