PayPal U.S. Has Arrived

PayPal US Has Arrived

Segpay is proud to announce that PayPal U.S. is now available for its U.S. based merchants.  This expands the payment options for consumers allowing them to use their already existing PayPal accounts or wallets.  Segpay has been offering this service to its EU customers since March 2020.  Now all current U.S. merchants can take advantage of this payment option. 

Segpay’s U.S. merchants are averaging an 85% approval rate on all sales and the system supports one-clicks and rebills.  The U.S. PayPal integration allows Merchants processing credit cards in different currencies to let their customers use those currencies for all PayPal purchases.  All this with no additional set up required.  Merchants can offer PayPal on the same payment page with a company’s current credit card option.  Through Segpay’s reporting and postback notification updates a merchant can identify all transactions between the different payment options.

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