Segpay Partners with Chargeback Help to Mitigate Chargebacks

Segpay announces its partnership with Chargeback Help. The feature is designed to assist Segpay merchants reduce or avoid chargebacks.

Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. (February 21, 2023)– Segpay, a pioneer in digital payment processing, announced today its partnership with Chargeback Help to assist in the mitigation of chargebacks for its merchants. The solution comes at a cost of $25 per alert to Segpay merchants enrolled in the Consumer Dispute Alert (CDA) program. This feature is designed to help merchants reduce and/or avoid chargebacks.


“We are excited to bring this added benefit to our merchants,” said CEO Cathy Beardsley.  “These chargeback reversals take away profits from companies and can lead to fines. The Consumer Dispute Alert solution offers another layer of protection in reducing risk and allows merchants to focus on growing profits.”


Merchant administrators can gain access to CDA reports under the “My Consumers” section in the Segpay merchant portal.  Configuration can be setup to auto-resolve most alerts by automatically refunding the matched transaction.  The Dispute Alert Report allows merchants to see alerts as they are being resolved and allows for manual resolution for any alerts that were not automatically resolved.   Resolving the alert will help to prevent the chargeback and the subsequent fees associated with it.  Segpay is one of the first processors to implement Verifi and Ethoca alerts which are included in the new offering.


To learn more about reducing chargebacks, using Segpay’s Consumer Dispute Alert program, or Chargeback Help click here or reach out to our team at [email protected].

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