Segpay Deploys Cosmo Payment

A new, flexible payment solution is here to help merchants and models get paid.  Cosmo Payment is Segpay’s latest addition to its payout solutions.  The program allows both EU and UK merchants to settle payments in USD, Euros and GBP.  Cosmo Payment also brings another solution for depositing funds to merchants for simple third-party payment.

During COVID, Segpay has seen an amazing amount of growth in both the cam and fan markets.  Cam models and the entire cam segment became top financial performers as cam models, influencers and performers move to fan programs to further monetize their brands.  About 60% of Segpay’s business is currently in the cam sites and approximately 50% of recent sales leads have been in fan sites.

“The addition of Cosmo Payment continues Segpay’s mission of providing the best payment solutions available,” said Segpay CEO Cathy Beardsley.  “We felt this new option would simplify payments while also maximizing earnings to many of our merchants.”

Cosmo Payment allows for card payment solutions via card to card or account to card transfers for merchant affiliates, models, content creators and other vendors and contractors.  Account holders can transfer funds to their bank, withdraw funds at an ATM and make purchases both online and in person at a brick-and-mortar store.  This convenient solution allows merchants to not only globally pay but to also get paid.

If you’re interested in learning more or using Cosmo Payment we can help get you started.  Reach out to your sales representative or anyone at [email protected]

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