Recover Subscribers Through Reactivation


No one wants to see a customer go. The longer you keep a customer, the better their lifetime value to your business. So, why not do all you can to stop them from leaving? A great way to stem churn is Reactivation Offers.

Reactivation allows merchants to re-market to consumers who have canceled subscriptions.  These offers help Merchants by allowing them to set up special discounted pricing to encourage a canceled subscriber to reactivate their subscription. Consumers who accept these offers can take advantage of an abbreviated version of the pay page (depending on whether their subscription has expired or not) to reactivate.  It’s a win win for everyone.

“Reactivation offers can be most effective with someone whose subscription ended unintentionally because of things like a failed billing attempt or if the subscriber willingly canceled but has had a change of heart,” said Jeff Rosenzweig, Segpay VP of Operations.  “Through Segpay’s portal you can easily send a reactivation link and once the consumer reinstates the account and they resume the membership, picking up right where they left off.”

You can set up Reactivation offers and assign them to specific price points under the My Websites menu in the Segpay Merchant Portal.  You can request this same data via Segpay Reporting Services (SRS).  At Segpay we’re here to get you paid.  For step by step instructions on how to create a Reactivation Offer click here.

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